Supports from DCI that remain available to your students.

LIFE/SAP Preventative and Supportive Counseling Services (current enrollment in these services is NOT mandatory)

The following staff are available via phone or video chat daily from 8am-4pm for any parent or student interested in support during this time.  Anyone interested, please call at your convenience, feel free to text initially to set up time & means to communicate.  Any questions, feel free to contact Tana Smith @ (814) 594-3737.  The following staff serve school students and families in our school-based Children’s Prevention Services’ Programs (LIFE/Incredible Years and/or Student Assistance (SAP)/Signs of Suicide (SOS) Prevention Programs).


Debbie Freeburg

(814) 594-4952


Taylor Fragale

(814) 335-1356


Rhonda Mosier

(814) 335-1715


Sierra Himes

(814) 389-7736


Tana Smith

(814) 594-3737      

Children’s Prevention Services

Program Director

LIFE/Incredible Years & Student Assistance(SAP)/Signs of Suicide (SOS) Programs

(814) 594-3737


Sierra Himes

St. Marys Area School District SAP Mental Health Liaison/SOS Facilitator

(814) 389-7736


Please see attached document for contact information for the programs below.

MH Specialists/HOPE

Staff in these programs have reached out to all clients open on their caseloads and offered face-to-face, telephone, or video sessions. They will continue to reach out and check-in on students and offer these services (between their normal hours of 8-4).

If you become aware of a student in need for treatment (someone currently on their caseload or not), please encourage the family to contact their existing therapist, our front desk (814-776-2145), or myself.




Our teams in JASD and RASD continue to function as normally as possible. We are reaching out to families to schedule sessions and (as clinically necessary) increase sessions due to fewer school hours at the directive of CCBH. Sessions are being offered face-to-face, via telephone or video. If you are aware of a need regarding one of the clients in CSBBH, please encourage the family to reach out to their team.



We are operating with an adjusted schedule at IOP. Students in this program are being offered individual therapy (face-to-face, via telephone or video)  to this point but will begin being offered  2 group therapy sessions (via video or telephone) next week. Students who see Dr. Richman are continuing to be scheduled via teleconference.

If you are aware of a need regarding any of these students/families, please encourage them to reach out to the IOP therapists.


PHP (refer to email sent 3/20)

Physical location is closed until schools re-open and/or health care operations resume as normal. All students participating in PHP are being offered daily group therapy, weekly individual therapy and continued psychiatric support with Dr. Richman. These appointments are all taking place via telephone or video.



Please feel free to communicate any of this information via your school’s electronic or social media notification systems. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Tana (preventative services) or I (behavioral health treatment services) at any time.

We  hope to be able to work collaboratively with you to best support you and the students of your districts.


Thank you and stay safe!


Tonya L. Wolfe, LCSW

Clinical Director of Children’s Services

[email protected]


Dickinson Center, Inc.

43 Servidea Drive

Ridgway , PA 15853

Ph: 814. 389.4515 option 2

Fax: 814.781.8298