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CenClear Behavioral Health

CenClear’s Community and School Based Behavioral Health Program (CSBBH)

If your child is struggling at school, at home, or in the community, CenClear can help!  A trained team of licensed therapists and behavioral health professionals are conveniently located at the school and are ready to help your children achieve their goals and reach their highest potential. The CSBBH team works closely with teachers in the school setting, but also with parents and caregivers in the home and community settings to assure that goals are consistently met with all the child serving systems. The CSBBH program  is available at the: St. Marys Area High School, St Marys Area Middle School, and South St. Marys Street Elementary. To learn more about this program, please call (814) 834-9283.


CenClear Mental Health Outpatient Services Available at School

CenClear offers in-school outpatient therapy services. Trained therapists are available to provide individualized care to students and their families regarding a variety of needs including managing emotions, improving communication, healthy relationship and social skills and improving inattentiveness. Therapists are conveniently located in the following schools: South St. Marys Street Elementary, Fox Township Elementary and Bennetts Valley Elementary. To learn more call (814) 834-9283.