Kindergarten Readiness Program

Dickinson Center, Inc. in conjunction with Saint Marys Area School District has been implementing its Kindergarten Readiness Program. Students attend twice a week for two and a half hours to learn school rules and academics as well as get acclimated to their respective schools for the upcoming school year. We are thankful for the support of the school district to sustain our program over the years. 
We welcomed Smokey Bear this week and he taught the students about fire safety and gave each student a bag full of surprises. We want to thank Smokey Bear and Ranger Johnson for taking the time out of their busy day to visit our students and teach them about fire safety. We also want to wish Smokey Bear a Happy 80th Birthday. 
Pictured are Kindergarten Readiness Facilitators; Ms. Katrina Peters, Fox Township Elementary, Mrs. Bailey Fabiano, Johnshonburg Elementary School, Ranger Johnson, Smokey Bear, and  Ms. Deb Freeburg, South Saint Marys Elementary School Facilitator.