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The St. Marys Area School District is underfunded by the Commonwealth of PA by more than $7 million annually, as compared to peer districts or regional districts. Make your voice heard to have PA fully fund the SMASD!  Contact your elected official today.

Latest News

Safe 2 Say Something begins January 14, 2019

Lawmakers approved the mandatory Safe 2 Say Something plan last June, and set the implementation date for January 14 of 2019. Safe 2 Say Something, and it includes a website and an app, where students or others will be able to anonymously report tips, if they are worried about talk or social media posts that could pose a danger in school.
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Public Service Announcement: Vaping, Juuling

Between 2011-15, there was a 900% spike in youth E-cigarette use, which made E-cigarettes the most-frequently used tobacco product among youth. The popularity of e-cigarettes and JUUL are helping to normalize tobacco use among a new generation. Left unchecked, we risk setting millions of kids on a path of nicotine addiction.
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Flying Dutch Report

Jeff Buchheit of the River 98.9 ( interviews Superintendent Dr. Brian Toth about schools and funding (November 2018).
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Congratulations to the 2018 Scholastic Challenge Champions from SMAHS

Congratulations to the 2018 Scholastic Challenge Champions from SMAHS: Mario Chiappelli, Alex Minnick, Isaac Caretti, Matt Krull, and Cain Pfoutz!
They strategized, organized, practiced, and had a thrilling finish to the competition! his was four years in the making for Isaac while Matt, Mario, and Alex have done this for two. Cain was the alternate and will help lead the team with Ann Tyger and Zoe Ehrensberget next year. The Challenge was played at PSU DuBois and Lexi Catalone sang the National Anthem to begin the program.
The last SMAHS Champions were from 2010. Go Dutch!
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