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Local Service Providers

St. Marys Area School District

Directory of Local Service Providers





Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, Inc. 814-781-1700

Email: [email protected]

Provides substance abuse services to residents of Cameron, Elk and McKean Counties.  



American Cancer Society 814-834-9796


Provides up to date cancer information, patient services and connections to community resources. Website:  http://www.cancer.org



American Red Cross 814-834-2915

Email: [email protected]

Provides disaster preparedness and response services to all residents of Elk and Cameron Counties. Website: http://www.redcross.org



Beacon Light Behavioral Health Systems 814-773-3223

Email: [email protected]

Provides individualized behavioral health services to meet the needs of families through programs such as wraparound, emergency shelter, residential treatment, intensive treatment programs & foster care. Website: http://www.beacon-light.org



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Jefferson,
McKean, Elk County 1-877-776-1636

Email: [email protected]

Provides services to youth in Elk County, Jefferson and McKean, through a one-on-one relationship between and adult volunteer and a child. Website: http://www.bbbselk-mckean.org



Boys’ & Girls’ Club of St. Marys, Inc 814-781-1910

Email: [email protected]

Provides a wide variety of youth oriented activities for members.  



CAPSEA, Inc (Citizens Against Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Abuse, Inc.) 814-772-3838

Email: [email protected]

Provides services to victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse in Elk and Cameron Counties. Website: http://www.members.tripod.com/elkcountycapsea



CE MH/MR Early Intervention 814-772-8016

Email: [email protected]

Provides services to children up to three years of age who are at risk for, or have developmental delays. Website:



CE Mental Health Mental Retardation Program 814-362-4601

Email: [email protected]

Plans, funds, monitors and evaluates the availability and quality of MH/MR and early intervention services. Website:



Child Care Information Services 1-800-638-4670

Helps families find and choose quality child care programs.  Helps low-income families pay for child care services.  


Community Education Council 814-781-3437

Email: [email protected]

Offers educational training and counseling for citizens of Elk and Cameron Counties. Website: http://www.ed-council.org



Dickinson Mental Health Center 814-776-2145

Email: [email protected]

Provides a wide variety of mental health services and community based children’s services. Website: http://www.dmhc.org



Elk County Cancer and Tobacco Education Coalition 814-781-1700

Provides information and support for cancer prevention & tobacco prevention and cessation.  


Elk County CareerLink 814-834-2857

Email: [email protected]

Provides job listings and career information, adult education, literacy, job readiness training and interview skills. Website: http://www.pacareerlink.state.pa.us



Elk County Children & Youth Services 814-776-1553

Provides protection of children birth to 18 years through investigation of child abuse and neglect.  Provides a foster care program, adoption program and prevention and education programs.  


Elk County Drug and Alcohol Consortium 814-781-6280

Information and programming regarding substance abuse to residents of Elk County.  


Elk County Society for Special Services, Inc. 814-834-2535

Provides preschool services, speech therapy services for children and adults, and adult literary education.  


Guardian Angel Center 814-885-8903


Offers free items to families in need.  


The Guidance Center 814-776-1636

Email: [email protected]

Provides preventative mental health services and mental health education through the following programs:  Parents As Teachers, Parents Who Care, Incredible Years, Project RAPPORT, Family Based Services, SCAN-PEP, Leadership and Resiliency Program & Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Website: http://www.penn.com/~guidance



Incredible Years 814-776-1636

Email: [email protected]

Provides free community meetings and in-home visits to families with children aged 5-12. Website: http://www.penn.com/~guidance



Mothers Against Drunk Driving – Elk County 814-834-5263

Email: [email protected]

Provides public awareness, victim support and assistance. Website: http://www.maddpa.org



National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Cameron and Elk Counties. 814-781-1649

Email: [email protected]

Provides support, education and advocacy for improved mental health services.  Seeks to provide public awareness on mental illness.  



Nelson Behavioral Center 814-772-5546

Email: [email protected]

Provides treatment to chemically dependent individuals and their families. Website: http://www.ncentral.com/~nbc



Northern Tier Community Action Corporation – Child Care Information Services 1-800-638-4670

Provides services to help parents find quality child care services.  May provide financial assistance.  Assists providers to obtain licensing information.  


Northern Tier Community Action Corporation - Head Start 814-781-7776

Provides preschool opportunities to qualified children ages 3 – 5.  


PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation 1-800-922-4017 or 814-371-7340

Email: [email protected]

Provides vocational rehabilitation services including counseling, vocational evaluations, training and placement. Website: http://www.dli.state.pa.us/ovr



Parent to Parent of PA 1-800-986-4550 or 814-833-5599

Email: [email protected]

Connects families of children and adults with special needs for supportive purposes. Website: http://www.parenttoparent.org



Parents as Teachers (DMHC) 814-834-2602

Email: [email protected]

Provides information and support to parents of young children.  



Parents as Teachers (The Guidance Center) 814-776-1636

Email: [email protected]

Provides information and support to parents of young children.  Provides developmental screenings, referral services, and group activities. Website: http://www.penn.com/~guidance



Project RAPPORT 814-776-1636

Email: [email protected]

Provides education and supportive services to school aged youth who are pregnant women, fathers-to-be or parents of a child under the age of 1 year.  Prevention services are also available. Website: http://www.penn.com/~guidance



SCAN/PEP (Screening Children Assessing Needs – Prescriptive Education Program) 814-887-5597

Email: [email protected]

Provides services to children aged birth to three years with special needs.  Includes preschool instruction, speech and language services, PT/OT, psychologists and teachers for visually and hearing impaired children. Website: http://www/penn.com/~guidance



Seneca Highlands IU9 Early Intervention 814-887-9287

Provides services to children ages three to five years with special needs.  Includes educational instruction, speech/language therapy, PT/OT, vision and hearing support as indicated on a child’s IEP. Website: http://www.iu9.org



Seneca Highlands IU9 Family Literacy Program 814-887-5512

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Provides early childhood education search Parent and Child Time Together activities, and parenting information to parents of children aged birth to three years. Website: http://www.iu9.org



Staying Connected with Your Teen (DMHC) 814-834-2602

Email: [email protected]

Provides education and parent training to improve communication and facilitate building relationships with teens.  



St. Marys Health and Recreation 814-834-9222

Email: [email protected]

This fitness facility provides health and fitness programs for people of all ages.  



WIC – Women, Infants and Children (NCPRPDC) 814-773-3162 x3026

Email: [email protected]

Provides nutrition information and counseling to pregnant women and mothers.  Monitors growth of children up to age five.  Provides food vouchers and referrals to health and social programs.  



YWCA – Victims Resource Center

Provides services and advocacy to victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. 814-368-4235

Hotline: 1-888-822-6325



CenClear 1-800-525-5437

Provides a wide variety of consumer-oriented mental health services in Elk county. Services include mental health outpatient, behavioral health rehabilitative services, community and school based behavioral health, Maintaining Strengths Program, family based mental health, blended case management, transition age support services and certified peer specialist. In addition, CenClear provides Pre-K Counts preschool programming for the St. Marys Area School District.