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SMAVA: St. Marys Area Virtual Academy

Considering Cyber Education?
We believe that it is in the best interest of most children to be completely immersed in our school culture by being present in our buildings day-to-day.
However, SMASD offers solutions for those needing a more individualized, online approach.

Supportive, Dynamic and Quality-Focused: A Cyber Program to Meet Your Student's Needs

The St. Marys Area School District has been educating students effectively for many years and knows what it takes for students to compete in the hyper-competitive quest for college and career whether learning in the conventional classroom or online.  It takes rigorous coursework coupled with a combination of live and prepared instructional support.

Our cyber school program is flexible and offers all the support parents and students need to tackle the demands of online learning to achieve their educational goals.  We expect the best from our students; that's why we offer effective virtual & face-to-face support to promote their success.

So, Why Choose Our Virtual Academy?

Attending the St. Marys Area Virtual Academy provides your child with numerous advantages.
  • Students earn a diploma from St. Marys Area School district and graduate with their classmates on stage. 
  • Students learn through a high-quality, district-approved curriculum.
  • Students receive teacher and on-campus tutoring support.
  • Students have the opportunity to enroll in St. Marys fine arts and career tech programs.
  • Optional Blended/Hybrid Scheduling can be arranged.
    • Students may take a course in the brick-and-mortar building while completing all other coursework online.
  • Students receive a district Chromebook, live teacher support & friendly technical support.
  • Students have full access to district resources and facilities, including guidance counseling, labs, libraries, and athletic facilities.
  • Students may join district sponsored extracurricular activities, and attend field trips.