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Saint Marys Area School District Continuity of Education Plan

Act 13 of 2020 requires school entities make a good faith effort to plan to offer
continuity of education through alternative means during the period of closure. In providing continuity of education, PDE's guidance provides some options,
including planned instruction and enrichment and review. Per PDE, these options can take a variety of forms, including online/digital learning opportunities; nondigital learning opportunities (e.g., materials sent home with students); and other approaches designed in partnership with local IUs and regional PATTAN centers. The decision to employ one or more of these methods is made at the local level based on feasibility, availability of resources, access and equity considerations, and in accordance with aggressive social distancing guidance.

The Saint Marys Area School District will implement, per Act 13, a good faith effort to provide education for all students while integrating and adhering to the SMASD Vision, Mission, and Shared Values. This good faith effort will occur through the every changing lens of our current pandemic circumstance.

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